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Get to know us...

B-A-R Electrical & Mechanical Services Limited were established in 2013 by Ben Robinson, who had seen a gap in the market to carry out works with a different set of core values and methods to the industry standard.

They were:

  • To establish lasting relationships with customers who could be assured of high quality work
  • To run the company with a highly motivated team who could “punch above their weight”
  • To provide an M&E oversight to construction projects traditionally run by “bricks and concrete” biased contractors
  • To specialise in the public sector and act as a principle contractor

Whilst we are somewhat larger than we were when it all began in 2013, the core values remain the same and have proven effective.

We maintain relationships with many clients from 10 years ago, especially in the public sector comprising Schools, Local Authorities and NHS Trusts.

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Our core team is highly motivated and go above and beyond to ensure a fantastic standard of work and response.

Our introduction of Payment terms on 7 days for small traders and up to 30 days for wholesalers means that our ability to seemingly “click our fingers” and have specialists, equipment and materials on site immediately is unrivalled. With such a poor standard of payment terms in the construction industry this has attracted the best and brightest into our employment and supply chain.

B-A-R run a fully comprehensive training and development programme in house that sees investment into every member of the team and core supply chain every year.

Our, now established, position in the Construction supply chain has seen us build substations, resurface public main roads and refurbish buildings. All of which have run smoothly due to our M&E background, which is traditionally left to the end stages of the physical built structure. Having the expertise involved at an earlier stage is proven to avoid costly mishaps.

Our specialisation in the Public Sector has seen us establish a Boiler Hire company (Phoenix Heating Hire) who also have Chillers and Generators in stock for Rapid deployment.

Even the construction of these Hire units is undertaken with resilience in mind and adaptability built in, as well as systems which lend themselves to fixing the problems faced by the NHS and Public sector generally, however they are a great basis for clients from all backgrounds!


...and finally

B-A-R’s specialist teams and supply chain members encompass everything from duct cleaning to water compliance specialists, from fire alarms to nurse call systems, from automated doors to roofing.

We are able to offer full Turnkey solutions to problems including consultancy and project management.

We have also brought specialist services in house like Refrigeration and associated Refcom membership and Coded Welding, this drastically improves our control over all aspects of the project and ability to respond rapidly, and effectively manage projects with specialist knowledge in house.

We keep extensive stock in house for rapid response, such as pumps, valves, distribution boards and specialist equipment such as metal welding, plastic welding, gas detectors and purge flare equipment.

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